Endodontic Treatment

Remove painful infection from teeth and prevent tooth loss to allow you to retain your natural dentition.

Endodontic treatment or root canal therapy, can help save badly broken down teeth or teeth which have an infected nerves.  In most circumstances, we would recommend the root treated tooth be restored with a crown to increase its longevity.

Other Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Allow us to restore the confidence you need to smile again.

Endodontic Treatment

Replace missing teeth with dental implants and a variety of other dental prostheses.

Examination & Diagnoses

Removes painful infection and allows you to maintain your natural dentition.

Oral Surgery

Extraction of teeth, including wisdom teeth and other minor oral surgical procedures.

Orthodontic treatment

Prevention and early intervention are the cornerstones of our health care philosophy.

Restorative Treatment

Restoration of decayed, broken and worn tooth structure.

Specialist Referrals

Referrals are available to our network of dedicated specialists upon request or wherever